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The 7 Best Plants for Your Saltwater Aquarium in Denver

Many people see saltwater as a challenging environment for aquarium life. While it’s true that these habitats require some specific kinds of care, they also play host to some of the sea’s most vibrant and verdant inhabitants. If you’re looking for the right plants to enhance your saltwater aquarium in Denver, Great Barrier Reef has the inside advice you need.

Get in touch with us today for information on the best plants in the business. As a leader in custom aquariums, our experience includes sourcing hardy flora like:

Red Mangrove Propagules —One of two ways that Red mangrove trees reproduce, these candle-like plants provide striking visuals and are hardy enough to thrive in a saltwater aquarium.

Halimeda — The best way to shop for saltwater aquariums is to check out versatile plants that flourish all around the world’s oceans. Halimeda is a perfect example, and its oval-shaped leaves offer plenty of beauty for your tank.

Dragon’s Tongue Algae — Give your aquatic landscape a pop of color with this bright addition. Dragon’s Tongue also helps you filter excessive nutrients and oxygenate your water, making it an ideal multi-purpose asset.

Turtle Grass Shoots —Simple but striking, these broad-leafed plants give your saltwater aquarium’s inhabitants a fun place to hang around and add a sense of motion to any underwater environment.

Green Finger Algae—The deep green color of the Green Finger Algae makes it a gorgeous addition to any saltwater aquarium. This plan is lush, dense, and easy to care for. One of the best benefits of the Green Finger Algae is it’s natural filtration and oxygenation abilities.

Mermaid’s Fan – This tropical plan is a beautiful fan shape and is usally found in the Carribean Sea. These plants aren’t great plants for beginners because they aren’t tolerant of high phosphate and nitrate levels, and they’ll need calcium to grow. If you have some experience with saltwater aquarium plants, these gorgeous short-stemmed plants are great because your fish won’t eat them.

Blue Hypnea Algae – The gorgeous blue color of the Blue Hypnea Algae is a great way to add visual interest to your tank. This plant makes a great home for for small fish and shrimp and also helps to absorb phosphates and nitrates in your tank to help you maintain a healthy aquarium.