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The Perfect Species for Your Reef Aquarium in Denver

Experience the sea — without leaving the office! An aquarium is an excellent way to witness the ocean’s beauty while simultaneously enhancing any indoor space. We here at Great Barrier Reef have the perfect suggestions for some of the best eye-catching saltwater fish species to add to your tank! Browse through the following saltwater fish guide to discover the most interesting and intriguing species for your very own reef aquarium in Denver.

Your Saltwater Fish Guide for Beginners

Have you been looking for the perfect fish to rule your home or office reef aquarium in Denver? Anyone of the seven species below makes a fantastic option for any aquatic aficionado.

1. Longnose Hawkfish

These fish are packed with personality. At only five inches in length, they’re an ideal size for virtually all tanks. We don’t recommend them as your very first species, but they’re definitely suited to a beginner who’s learned the basics of reef upkeep. Be careful: these fish make a great meal for shrimp and crabs, so be sure to keep them far away from any pesky invertebrates.

2. Six Line Wrasse

You’ve never seen eyes like these before. The Six Line Wrasse is an expensive fish known for its bright colors and intriguing eyes. Add one to your tank for a burst of zippy energy.

3. Neon Goby

Everyone (especially other fish) love the Neon Goby. This helpful little creature swims around the tank cleaning dead scales and parasites from the other species.

4. Percula Clownfish

We all know what clownfish look like, but the slightly rarer Percula variety is not as well known. The Percula Clownfish is smaller than the common variety and also less aggressive. They’re a friendly and vibrant addition to any reef aquarium in Denver.

5. Midas Blenny

The Midas Blenny is all about being bold. Its personality and colors are both exciting and energetic. As a more slender fish, it almost seems to glide through the water.

6. Orchid Dottyback

There’s no fish quite as vivid as the Orchid Dottyback. This flashy purple fish is sure to stand out in your tank for all of the right reasons. Who doesn’t love a little purple?

7. Banggai Cardinalfish

These fish are truly something to behold. With graphic stripes, elaborate fins, and a gaping mouth, they’ll be a favorite of anyone checking out your reef aquarium in Denver.

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