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Essential Saltwater Aquarium Supplies in Denver

You’ve done it – you’ve taken the plunge (so to speak) and have decided to invest in a saltwater aquarium. So, what now?

You can wing it, and hope everything is in place, or you can follow the handy advice our team at Great Barrier Reef has provided here. We want you to have all the aquarium supplies in Denver you need before you need them. Preparation and planning go a long way to establishing and maintaining a healthy environment for your fish and plants.

You’ve decided on a saltwater aquarium, and that means your next choice is which fish you want and how many. That is the major factor which will guide you with all of the other suggestions that follow.

Step one, get a tank. It seems obvious, and it is, but sometimes people get so caught up in the excitement of selecting fish, they forget about picking a size, shape, and type of tank.

You’re going to need lights depending on the location of your aquarium, the type of system you choose, and what type of fish and plants you intend to add.

It will depend on what size and type of system you have when you are deciding upon equipment such as skimmers, filters, and a powerhead for a circulation pump.

Your aquarium supplies in Denver should also include sea salt mix and a hydrometer to test the water.

If you choose a large tank, you’re going to need more than one heater. There are many types on the market, so take the time to get one which best meets your needs.

You will only need an air pump and air stones if you are going to operate equipment such as a counter-current protein skimmer.

However, you will need test kits, supplements, and additives as part of your aquarium supplies in Denver. Keep in mind that vitamins are also a good investment for your fish.

Once you’ve got your tank all set up and running along smoothly, you are going to want to keep it that way. The best way to assure the upkeep of your aquarium is by having the tools you need for regular maintenance.

Contact us for all the supplies and support you need for your aquarium. Our team will do all the hard work of installing and maintaining your aquarium, so you don’t have to. We are proud to serve customers in Denver and the surrounding area.