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Freshwater Fish for Beginners from Our Aquarium Store in Denver

Caring for an aquarium full of fish doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are many freshwater fish available that are perfect for first-timers. The following are some fish types we recommend for beginners at our aquarium store in Denver:

Betta Fish: A long-time favorite due to their brilliant colors and fanning fins, Betta Fish are a great starter species for everyone. Be sure to keep them in a tank thath holds at least 5 gallons. While Bettas typically prefer to have the tank to themselves due to their aggressive temperament, they can co-habit well with certain species -- ask our staff for recommendations.

Bristlenose Pleco: While the Bristlenose Pleco won’t win any beauty contests, it’s a useful fish to have around. Why? They gobble up algae to help keep your tank clean and healthy. Plus its relatively small size and peaceful personality make it a great addition to any freshwater habitat.

Cory Catfish: The Cory Catfish is popular at our aquarium store in Denver for many reasons. They do well in a range of conditions and aren’t picky eaters, so they are easy to care for. In addition, people love to watch them because they are highly active and surprisingly cute.

Neon Tetras: Like their name suggests, Neon Tetras are a brightly colored fish species that’s perfect for a lively tank. At our aquarium store in Denver, we recommend five to seven Neon Tetras per ten gallons of water to ensure you have a healthy, active school. You’ll love watching their synchronized swimming.

Swordtails: Famous for their distinct tail, male Swordtails are sure to grab attention in your aquarium. They are a small, peaceful species that get along well with other friendly fish. But be careful if you keep male and female Swordtails together; they reproduce very quickly.

Zebra Danio: When you want a zippy, lively tank, consider getting a school of Zebra Danios. With their distinct stripes and energetic antics, they are one of the most fun freshwater species to watch. We recommend seven to eight Zebra Danios per 20 gallons of water.

When you’re ready to set up a freshwater aquarium in your home or office, schedule a consultation with the team at Great Barrier Reef.