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Terrific Tips for Aquarium Design in Denver

You’ve purchased all of your supplies, creatures, plants, and equipment — the next step is to put them all together into one attractive and functional display. Before you get started, take a minute to learn more about aquarium design in Denver. Contact us at Great Barrier Reef if you have any questions.

Aquascaping Tips

You want your aquarium to be as unique as you are. But where do you start? We have all of the insider knowledge you need to take your aquarium to the next level. Read through the following three tips on aquarium design in Denver.

1. A Dynamic Focal Point

Are you uninspired by the look of your aquarium? What you need is an eye-catching focal point to ramp up the excitement. A dynamic and central focus draws in the eye and ties together all of the other aquatic elements in much the same way that a fireplace is the center of a home.

To start, try moving around your rock elements or rearranging your coral pieces. You may even find that you can create more room for an additional decorative element! And don’t forget: while you’re rearranging your aquarium, take the opportunity to do a little ‘spring cleaning.’ Your tank will already feel more alive after you’ve removed any detritus and debris.

Check out our gallery for more great ideas for compelling focal points in your aquarium design in Denver.

2. Stunning Coral Arrangements

Coral is amazing; it can grow virtually anywhere. So, there’s no reason not to experiment with coral placement in your aquarium. Take your corals off of their frags and place them on overflows, rocks, aquarium plumbing, and even the glass walls of the tank.

3. A Vibrant New Background

Looking to revitalize the look of your aquarium but don’t want to fork out the money for a new fish or coral plant? We have the solution: try painting the side or back glass walls of your tank (on the outside, of course). This is easiest to do when the tank is empty, so we recommend transporting your livestock to another tank while you let your creative side come out. When it comes to the possibilities for a painted backdrop, the only limit is your imagination!

Contact us today to learn more about aquarium design in Denver. We are proud to serve the Denver metropolitan area.