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Learn About Freshwater & Reef Aquariums at Our Aquarium Store in Denver

You’ve already made the exciting decision to add an aquarium to your indoor space. The next decision is to choose between a freshwater aquarium and a reef aquarium. Both types have many benefits when it comes to esthetics, setup, fish species, and upkeep, but there are significant differences that must be kept in mind before you visit our aquarium store in Denver.

What the Difference Is

Freshwater aquariums are typically recommended for people who are just getting their toes wet in the aquarium world. The freshwater option is generally easier to maintain while presenting fewer risks. In these aquariums, you’ll find less expensive and easy-to-care-for fish species from rivers, lakes, and streams.

On the other hand, reef aquariums are more complex as they strive to emulate a saltwater ecosystem. Reef aquariums are known for the vibrant fish species they contain and their wide variety of sea plants and decorative elements. You’re sure to be excited by all the stunning saltwater fish species you’ll find at our aquarium store in Denver.

For more information about the differences between freshwater aquariums and reef aquariums, reach out to the experts at the Great Barrier Reef aquarium store in Denver.

Starting a freshwater or reef aquarium for your home or business can seem intimidating, but the team at Great Barrier Reef makes it easy for newcomers and experienced aquarium owners alike. When you first meet with our team, we will thoroughly examine your needs and desires before creating a custom aquarium for you. If you are a business, be sure to ask about our rental program. The rental program comes with ongoing maintenance for the life of your tank, so you never need to worry about the upkeep.

If you are having trouble deciding if a freshwater or reef aquarium is right for you, our experts are on hand to answer your questions. When you work with our knowledgeable team, you are sure to get a beautiful custom aquarium that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Contact us today to speak with an expert at our aquarium store. We are proud to serve the people of the Denver area.