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Your Local Source for Aquarium Installations & Maintenance

Your One Stop Shop For Saltwater And Freshwater Habitats

Improve the look of your office with an aquarium installed and maintained by Great Barrier Reef. Chad Bailey is your trusted source for all saltwater and freshwater habitats requirements in Parker, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Saltwater And Freshwater Habitats

Aquarium Rental Program

Sit back and relax, GBR provides you a new aquarium for a fixed monthly amount. The rental program is a very nice option that includes a high-end acrylic aquarium, stand, and canopy. The aquarium you choose will include fish and/or inverts, as well as filtration, decorations, and fish food or auto feeders.

Aquarium Consultations

Request a consultation to determine which aquarium is best for your particular space. GBR provides on-site evaluations of your area to suggest the right aquarium for your needs. You can enjoy a new aquarium set up in as little as a week.


Overall Type of System

  • Livestock Concentration
  • Water Turnover Rate & Size of Main Pump
  • Surface Area for Gas Exchange
  • Temperature Stability with Functional Heater & Chiller
  • Size of Bio-Chamber
  • Flow Patterns inside Aquarium
  • Size & Method of Mechanical Filtration
  • Appropriate Lighting
  • Water Loss due to Evaporation
  • Location of Aquarium

Inhabitants, Fish Care, And Presentation

  • Colors And Textures
  • Rock Formations
  • Caves And Crevices
  • Overhangs
  • Contrasting Light And Dark Areas
  • Flow Streams
  • Swim Channels


  • What, When, Why and How the fish are introduced.

Contact Chad Bailey today to learn more about saltwater and freshwater habitats. He will happily help you find the aquarium to suit your needs.

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