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Custom Aquariums & Fish Tanks

Create the aquarium you have always dreamed of for your home or office enviroment. GREAT BARRIER REEF offers custom aquariums, production, rentals aquariums for homes and businesses throughout Colorado.

Aquarium Installations

Consultations are by appointment to discuss the type of aquarium, size, location, materials, equipment, and special considerations that you are looking to get.  A proposal package is then created for you to review and approve before construction begins.

GBR provides an equipment list with estimated pricing and deliverability, plus the over all cost breakdown from start to finish that include installation cost, equipment setup, materials, and supplies, everything  is sub-dived so you have an actual number.  Chad provides information about the livestock stocking program, costs, and recommendations. A recommendation of the maintenance schedule and its cost is also provided.

Fish Swimming

Fish Care
All fish and corals that are brought in are quarantined before being taken to the field. In order to avoid any issues or sickness with your fish, Chad makes sure each one is healthy before selling them. He keeps specimens healthy and without disease right out of the gate.

Contact Chad Bailey for a consultation about the kind of custom aquariums and fish tanks that are available for your space.