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Comprehensive, Progressive Aquarium Service(s)

GREAT BARRIER REEF Located in Parker Colorado, offers routine aquarium service(s) to keep your aquarium healthy, happy, and clean. Chad Bailey will create an aquarium service plan that includes ongoing evaluations of equipment, habitat, chemical balances, addressing biological aspects to mitigate, prevent any issues to promote the over all well being of your aquarium.

Large Fish tank

Services and Maintenance

In order to keep your aquarium healthy, attractive, and progressing in a positive manor, GBR performs a set of routine cleaning tasks at the right times needed, consistently maintains the water chemistry within normal parameters, keeping the mechanics of all components and subsystem in working order is important for the continued success of a clean healthy aquarium, upgrading equipment as needed to further the success is important, all equipment needs to run as efficient as possible to allow your aquarium the best possible chance to thrive, GBR understand how important the biological aspects are for your habitat, creature compatibility at all levels helps ensures that your aquarium is always in balance and the best it can be at that time.  Give GBR a call and watch your aquarium grow and thrive overtime!


Contact Chad Bailey (303)210-8867 at Great Barrier Reef to keep your reef, corals, fish, inverts healthy, happy and your aquarium clean with routine aquarium maintenance services.